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What is Zen?

Meditate in Doncaster

Zen is a meditation tradition that traces it's lineage back student to teacher for over 80 generations to Shakyamuni Buddha the founder of Buddhism. Bodhidharma the master credited with bringing to Zen style practice to China is said to have characterised Zen as:

A special transmission outside the scriptures

Not relying on words and letters

Directly pointing to the mind

Seeing the true nature and attaining buddahood

Zen stresses direct experience over learned experience. Zen Buddhist practice awakens us to the possibility that since the beginning we have lacked nothing. The method is simple; to apply direct and open awareness to every moment of our lives. 
It is a radical turning towards now. Learning simply to be.

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Hazy Moon Sangha is a member of the White Plum Asanga, an organisation of peers in the lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi Maezumi Roshi's vision and ongoing legacy. 

Maezumi Roshi received Dharma transmission from Baian Hakujun in the Soto lineage. He also received Inka in both the Shakyamuni Kai, through Koryu Roshi, and in the San Bo Kyo Dan (Three Treasures school) through Yasutani Roshi.

See Maezumi Roshi's bio on the White Plum Asanga site for more details about his legacy and their ongoing activities. Scott Sensei received Dharma Transmission (Shiho) from Catherine Genno Pagés Roshi of Dana Sangha based in Montreuil, France.

Koan Study

Koan study is undertaken face to face with a qualified teacher. Koans can take the form of questions or often interchanges between a Teacher and Student, Koans are not intellectual puzzles but they instead require a more intuitive leapKoan can be translated as a public record in the sense of a judges ruling 

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