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What is Zen?

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Zen is a meditation tradition that traces it's lineage back student to teacher for over 80 generations to Shakyamuni Buddha the founder of Buddhism. Bodhidharma the master credited with bringing to Zen style practice to China is said to have characterised Zen as:

A special transmission outside the scriptures

Not relying on words and letters

Directly pointing to the mind

Seeing the true nature and attaining buddahood

Zen stresses direct experience over learned experience. Zen Buddhist practice awakens us to the possibility that since the beginning we have lacked nothing. The method is simple; to apply direct and open awareness to every moment of our lives. 
It is a radical turning towards now. Learning simply to be.

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Scott Sensei

Scott Sensei is a teacher of Zen Meditation and Koan practice; he is a lineage holder in the line of Taizan Maezumi Roshi. He was born and spent the formative part of his life in Liverpool. Encountering meditation when he was 13, he developed a love for the simple practice of sitting silently in awareness. Scott's informal style is simple and direct; grounded in everyday life but drawing on the depth of authentic tradition and practice. 

Scott Sensei met Catherine Genno Pagés Roshi in 1997, receiving Jukai in 2000 and was recognised as Dharma Holder (Hoshi) in April 2017. He received Dharma Transmission (Shiho) from Genno Roshi in September 2021.  Throughout his training, he has pursued a busy career in Change Management, raised a family and embraced every day life as practice.


Scott Sensei began teaching meditation in Doncaster, in 2013, setting up Hazy Moon Sangha to support and train students in meditation and Zen Practice. His teaching approach includes: Shikantaza (Just Sitting), Koan practice and emphasises the importance of practice in everyday situations. Scott Sensei incorporates compassion and loving kindness practices as well as Council Circle into his method for training. 


He lives in Doncaster with his wife and two children.

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